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Take Charge: Earn More with UPS My Choice

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Topic: Employee Communication
By Julie Greenwell
28 October 2014

gq-logoTake Charge, UPS’s U.S. sales leads program, provides an opportunity for employees to earn more while aligning with the company’s objective to grow our business. The UPS sales lead program has been deeply ingrained in company culture for over two decades. For union employees, award points for leads equal a dollar amount deposited on a Take Charge Discover card, which works like a debit card. Non-union UPSers accumulate award points to be redeemed for merchandise on the vendor website.

In October 2011, UPS officially launched UPS My Choice, a service for residential customers. UPS My Choice offers free or premium memberships for $40 a year. We marketed the new service with a non-traditional approach, relying on digital advertising, paid and organic search, and viral word-of-mouth social media tactics. U.S. employees were a “home-grown” promotion channel as advocates for the brand and for UPS products and services.

To further encourage participation while growing revenue, the Take Charge: Earn More with UPS My Choice program rewards eligible employees for promoting UPS My Choice. They earn Take Charge points by encouraging friends, family, and customers to sign up for UPS My Choice using their personal employee promotion code.

Business and communication environment

Rapidly rising ecommerce trends made business-to-consumer a vital pillar in UPS’s enterprise growth strategy. ComScore’s 2013 Pulse of the Online Shopper survey results show consumers want more choices when it comes to shopping online, more control over when their purchases will be delivered and a convenient returns process. UPS My Choice answers that need and can capture those customers.

Growing the business continued to be a company and communications priority in 2013 with B2C as a strategic objective. Building both awareness and participation in UPS My Choice was imperative, as FedEx had launched a comparable service, FedEx Delivery Manager, to target the same audience. Our first-mover advantage was threatened and building UPS My Choice membership would be challenging


Julie Greenwell

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