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Take Control with Media Monitoring

Type: Webinars
By Khyla Flores
21 August 2018

Recorded on 21 August 2018

PR and communication professionals do not like surprises. The last thing they want is to be in the dark when it comes to news—good or bad—affecting their organization.

The answer to avoiding surprises? Knowing, before the other guys, everything there is to know about your world. What trends or opportunities are coming your way, what your competition is doing and where your industry is going. Media monitoring gives you that knowledge.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  1. Learn four things you need to monitor to put yourself in control.
  2. Understand how monitoring can make you a better communicator.
  3. Get a step-by-step guide to getting started.

There’s nothing like the feeling of being in total control. Media monitoring can give it to you.

Here are the slides for your reference.

Presenter/Dawn Smeaton With extensive experience in marketing and communications on the agency and client side, Dawn Smeaton has both asked for the world—and tried to deliver it. A math nerd by birth, and news junkie by choice, a career in media monitoring and analytics was almost pre-destined. By sharing her passion for data and de-mystifying measurement, she strives to help PR professionals overcome analysis anxiety and become data-driven communicators.

Khyla Flores Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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