Tap the power of your employees as brands


business people smiling at the viewer_1000X1000There are significant changes shaping the world’s workplaces, offering challenges and opportunities alike for communicators. Every organization’s culture and brand is shaped by the actions and messages shared by employees (current or former) and therefore every employee is responsible in some way for corporate communications. The role of the communicator is to support employees to be credible and active ambassadors of the brand.

Employees today are more willing to chart their own careers, shape their own work, seek greater challenges and collaborate across levels—quite unlike how it was in the past. It means that they are more flexible, comfortable with newer technologies and expect to be involved as communicators of the brand. While nearly half a trillion U.S. dollars are spent on branding annually, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization, investing in employer branding isn’t as powerful anymore as compared to building the brand from within.

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