Telling Stories that Connect


storytellingHow do you win as a brand in a world where products are more and more alike, where distribution systems are efficient and far-reaching, where everyone has a “story” and is telling it across multiple channels? If you can’t win on quality, efficiency, timeliness or narrative—or at the very least, you can’t hold any advantage you do have for long—how do you carve out a place for yourself in crowded and converging marketplaces?

The brands that are winning are not those that are telling or selling, but rather those that are finding powerful and personal ways to connect. By first building affinity and inclination and then using product, distribution and storytelling to strengthen and tighten those bonds, these connective brands are essentially reversing the traditional relationship equation. They first link with people to instill belief in the company, then draw on social media and story lines to involve and include people, and finally they look to distribution and product to deliver experiences and products.

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