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The 9 Rules of Crisis Communication

Type: Webinars
By Khyla Flores
27 July 2018

Recorded on 24 July 2018

Bad things happen on weekends, holidays and when the weather is nice—learn how to always be prepared for a crisis and the rules for communicating through it. Lane Kasselman, former Uber and AT&T communication and public affairs executive, will share his experience in navigating crisis and upholding an organization’s trust, credibility and reputation in the process.

Here you will find the slides and here is a handout for your reference.

Presenter/Lane Kasselman, is a nationally recognized expert in crisis and public affairs. He led communications and public affairs for both Uber and AT&T, and also ran Kasselman LLC working with BP during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the American Foundation for Equal Rights during the same-sex marriage court decision. He and Matt McKenna, former U.S. President Bill Clinton senior adviser, launched Greenbrier two years ago to help companies and individuals avoid, manage and recover from crises.

Khyla Flores Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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