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The 5-step COMMS Plan: A simple, powerful approach for communication planning that achieves outcomes

Recorded on 24 September 2018

Communication planning doesn’t have to be complicated, and yet too often communicators get stuck starting with methods or messages. The five-step COMMS planning model gives communicators a scalable approach for every communication situation. Distilled from 20 years of practice and global research, the COMMS approach shifts the emphasis from the plan to the process.

In this practical webinar, learn how to identify the context for a communication initiative, clearly define outcomes, select messages and methods that will create the outcomes required, and ensure the plan has the support it needs.

At the end of the session, participants will identify and apply the seven essential communication plan success factors. Learn how to introduce this approach across your organization in the following webinar.

Here is the handout for your reference.

Presenter/Jonathan Champ, helps organizations communicate meaningfully. Passionate about developing the next generation of communication leaders, he has two decades experience delivering change communication, leadership and engagement across corporate, community and NFP sectors. He is the founder of Meaning Business and creator of the Shorter COMMS Plan, and a former Asia Pacific Co-Chair of the IABC Gold Quill Evaluators Blue Ribbon Panel. He tweets about #comms as @meaningbusiness.

Khyla Flores

Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.


    1. Hi Shannon,
      Glad you enjoyed the webinar! The link to the handout is directly above the video in this post. I’ve made the link more visible. Thanks for flagging that.

  1. Fantastic webinar! I love the simplicity of the 5 Step COMMS system. It is a great tool for educating business leaders about the communications process.

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