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The Golden Shield Awards at Phillips 66: Engaging Employees and Celebrating Success

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Employee Communication
By Kristi Bentivegna
29 September 2016

gq-logoAfter splitting from ConocoPhillips on May 1, 2012, Phillips 66 needed to establish its identity and engage employees in the business. As a first step, the company developed a set of strategic objectives and values to guide the future direction of the company. Post-spinoff research showed that less than 30% of employees could recall the strategic objectives without prompting, and less than 60% of employees could identify all three organizational values. At the same time, research showed 77% of employees wanted to hear about the company strategy, and 66% of employees wanted to hear success stories related to the strategy.

Initially the company had no formal, company-wide recognition program to share success stories and celebrate employees’ contributions to the business. In 2014, Phillips 66 partnered with Gagen MacDonald to develop and launch the company’s first global recognition program, the Golden Shield Awards (GSA), to celebrate employees’ outstanding performance, share success stories and engage employees in the business. The program helped ensure all employees understood the meaning of each strategic objective and value in the context of their roles and how they could contribute on a daily basis.



Kristi Bentivegna

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