The Human Element: Employee communication in small to medium-sized businesses


The-Human-ElementWhether employees are working together on the manufacturing floor to produce a product, sharing information between departments to complete a project, or teaming to produce business strategy in the board room, it is the ability to build relationships based on trust that propel the collective success of the company.

This study of employee communication practices in small businesses examines research data compiled by Insightrix Research Services for the IABC Research Foundation. The information contained here is in response to the project titled “Best Communication Practices in Small Firms,” commissioned by the IABC Research Foundation and the Gevity Institute.

While there is a great deal of research on employee communication or internal communication in large companies and organizations, there is little information about how small businesses or small firms apply these theories, practices and measures to create a compelling organizational culture and an engaged workforce.This study, prepared by Tamara Gillis, Ed.D., ABC, includes a literature review that constructs the concept of employee communication in small enterprises, the results of a survey that captured perceptions of business professionals responsible for communication practices in small enterprises, case studies, and concluding commentary regarding recommendations for developing and improving employee communication practices in small enterprises. This study was sponsored by Gevity.