The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Communication


Recorded 10 October 2017

This webinar will provide an insight into our own internal communication (mind chatter)—where it comes from (core beliefs, culture, values, experiences), how it influences our behavior and how it results in our reactions to situations, and connections with other people. Penelope Newton-Hurly will give an introduction into the components of emotional intelligence, the impact of EI on business relationships, efficiency and ultimately, organizational performance, and ways in which we can increase our EQ levels. We will discuss the four point process for more professional and compassionate communication (as used in mediation), focusing on non-judgement and core needs rather than perspectives and blame-language, and offering a way to engender a culture of effective, open, authentic, transparent communication within teams and across the organization.

Here you will find a PDF of the slides for your reference.

Presenter/Penelope Newton-Hurley,  is a communication consultant, trainer and mediator with over 30 years’ experience of studying and working with international organizations, in the field of marketing and internal communication. Her company, The Communication Troubleshooter, helps organizations transform culture, engage employees and grow their potential by developing emotional intelligence and advanced communication skills through a specialized communication philosophy and model. Clients include Thomson Reuters, Reed Elsevier, Cambridge University Press and BSI British Standards. 

2 Responses to “The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Communication”


    This was an excellent webinar!
    EI is relevant in communications and will be especially useful when dealing with millenials.

  2. 6150529

    I have tried to access the webinar today to view the recording but it hasn’t worked.