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The Modern Intranet 101

Recorded on 15 October 2020

Sponsored by Simpplr; Presented by Jamie Yan and Jeri Fang

Organizations are realizing that Zoom and Slack aren’t enough to connect an all-remote workforce to the broader company.

With an increasingly distributed workforce, it’s more important than ever to connect, align and communicate. Meet Simpplr, the easiest way to create a connected and engaged workplace. But what does a modern intranet entail?

Watch this recording to learn why companies like AAA, Workday and Eurostar use Simpplr to:

  • Provide employees a single source for important company communications
  • Drive employee engagement and adoption with an easy and intuitive user experience
  • Understand how point-and-click configuration can empower your business users to administer your intranet with no IT support

This webinar was sponsored by:

Presenter / Jamie Yan leads product marketing at Simpplr and is just as excited about Simpplr’s mission as the day she joined. Simpplr’s mission is to improve internal communications to help employees find work meaningful and fulfilling. For the past decade, Yan has helped companies improve their employee and customer experiences by getting the most out of enterprise technology.


Presenter / Jeri Fang is a U.C. Davis alumni who started off in the hospitality industry and then made her way to computer software. Along with her passion for exceptional end user experiences and customer service, she now enjoys helping organizations keep everyone on the same page and improve employee engagement.

Morgan Manghera

Morgan Manghera is the senior content associate for IABC.

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