The State of News Media in the Digital Era: What It Means for PR


news-media750-420Ten years ago, a news release could still find its way to a relatively fertile environment of healthy news outlets and well-fed reporters. Now, once your news release crosses the wire it enters a barren wilderness where journalists and news media are starving (or going bankrupt).

In this Darwinian, “survival of the fittest” environment, only the most newsworthy of releases can be expected to survive and be picked up.

Seeking alternatives

Simply put, news releases aren’t generating the coverage they once did. It stands to reason then that organizations are looking for alternative ways to reach journalists and their audiences. Rather than spend money on news distribution, communication and marketing professionals are increasingly turning to social media as:

  • A means to engage the media.
  • A news distribution channel unto itself.

To use social media effectively in this way requires a content syndication platform. (While I won’t go into detail in this article about how to build a robust content syndication platform, you can learn more here.)

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