How to Track Whether Your Social Media Traffic Is Converting


Copyright: pressmaster / 123RF Stock Photo

Do you know how your social media sites’ traffic converts to sales or other benefits? What the conversion rate is from Twitter compared to Facebook? From Google+ compared to LinkedIn?

Do you track which social media traffic is assisting your conversion rates, and which is letting you down? Do you know how well the offers you post on Facebook perform?

Social media can help directly with conversions, but they can have an indirect impact too. It happens directly when someone hears about you on social media channels and then signs up as customer. Indirectly, it happens when social media are involved in the mix but it may not be at the point of purchase.

Someone may have heard about you on social media channels, seen details of you in some articles online and then, one day, decided to buy a product and thought of you. They go to search Google for your company name, and go and buy your product.

It’s a social media-assisted conversion but it’s not always put down to social media. It’s easy to just put it down to a search engine lead, but you can improve your business by understanding how to track conversions within social media, both direct and assisted.

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