Tunnel Vision – A Worker-Based ‘One Team’ Video Newsletter

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By Glenda Hewitt
29 June 2020

John Holland CPB Ghella (JHCPBG) is delivering a high-profile and complex multi-billion dollar infrastructure project in Australia’s largest city. The project team consists of professionals, specialist tradespeople, workforce directly and indirectly employed and others subcontracted from multiple organizations. To succeed, a project of this type needs to quickly establish a culture that overcomes the diversity of background and experience on other projects, uniting the team members with a common purpose and values, clear expectations and pride in achievement. It is akin to a start-up company growing rapidly with onerous contract deliverables and deadlines.

Learnings were applied from the highly successful Sydney Metro Northwest tunneling project that was completed seven months early with minimal defects, strong safety performance and recognized as an industry leading project. That project demonstrated the importance of creating an atmosphere where staff and workforce all felt they were part of ‘One Team’. Values-led project management is typically not common in the construction industry as large projects are often driven primarily by cost and program targets. The JHCPBG leadership team developed the vision of ‘Staying Ahead of the Game’ underpinned by the values of ‘One team’, ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Integrity’ to deliver safe, timely and profitable project completion in this high-stakes industry.

A communication strategy was required to quickly and continuously engage the very large project team based out of 17 unique work sites spread across a 15.5 kilometer project footprint. It had to be entertaining, informative, relevant and capable of reaching and engaging this diverse audience.

The team implemented an internal TV program with minimal budget to be aired regularly for the duration of the project, reinforced safety and the project’s vision and values and informed and educated team members at all work sites to drive engagement in “One Team.”

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Glenda Hewitt

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