UPS Peak Season 2014

Case Studies

gq-logoUPS ran into logistics challenges during peak season 2013, placing the company and Communications teams in crisis mode. A flood of late online orders and unexpected bad weather caused backlogs and delays at several facilities. A number of UPS customers received holiday gifts or shipments late. To prevent any reoccurrence of peak-season service issues in 2014, UPS made substantial investments in technology, processes, and training. UPSers at every level of the company worked with focus and energy to prepare for the 2014 peak season – projected to be even more robust than 2013. At the 2014 Management Conference in February, then CEO Scott Davis asked current CEO David Abney how will a repeat of 2013 peak “never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever happen again.”

Employee Communications was tasked with instilling confidence in 400,000 UPSers around the world by blending relevant information about UPS’s peak season investments with relevant emotion. The combination was intended to help motivate, engage, and foster commitment to UPS and the daunting responsibilities of peak season, so that the company could provide the best possible customer experience during the busiest time of year. With UPS’s reputation and future at stake, a repeat of 2013 was not an option.