Use Social Data to Perfect Your Project Proposal


data-presentation750Whether your agency is pitching a new client, your company is launching a new brand, or you’re writing a proposal for a new project, use the power of social data to inform your research. One of the most important aspects of any new business proposal is information, so you first have to do your homework. The more you know about a potential client or project, the better prepared you will be to address the biggest issues and start things off well.

So how can you use social data to do this homework? First, let’s start with some general tips. Then, I’ll show you just how it can work with a real example, using actual social data.

What should you research?

Owned content. Take a look at relevant social accounts. What kinds of content are the client or customers posting? What sort of engagement do they get? What channels are they participating in (or conspicuously absent from)?

Earned conversation. Study up on what others say about the project or client. Spend some time researching the larger conversation about the brand, products and relevant stakeholders. What can you learn?

Paid campaigns. When possible, investigate any paid media stakeholders have invested in on social media. What kind of ads—if any—have they run? How does their paid media differ from their organic media? What kind of paid media personality do they have?

Competitors. Find out what you can about the client or project’s closest competitors. How are they doing on social? What are their customers saying about them? What can you learn about your opportunities on social based on what people say about the competition?

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