Use Storytelling to Make Your Messages Stick


make-messages-stick“Let me tell you a story.” That’s how the late Steve Jobs often started his presentations. He understood the power of story and used it to capture attention—even before he told the first story!

You know the power of stories too. Remember all those years ago when you gathered around a campfire or sat cross-legged at the library story hour? You were spellbound. Stories have that power over us—then and now. Ever since Zog and Grog shared saber-toothed tiger tales, we’ve shared stories. Today, though, technology has made it too easy to simply dump data. No wonder most of us suffer from TMI—too much information. Stories are the perfect antidote.

Stories captivate us, in part, because they take us out of our critical left brain so that we’re no longer on the sidelines listening—we’re there with the storyteller.

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