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Virtual Presentation Crash Course: Engaging Your Audience in a Time of Disruption & Distraction

Recorded on 23 April 2020

Virtual presentations are hard enough. But doing them from home is even harder, with all the distractions and technical hurdles we face.

This engaging program will not only help you become an even more effective online presenter, it will equip you with the insights necessary to provide better counsel to those you support—leaders, teams and clients.

The program will ground you in the key principles of virtual presenting and guide you through the whole process from start-to-finish. It covers the essentials of planning content (both spoken and visual) and adapting delivery technique for maximum impact online.

It also offers solutions to some of the technical hurdles associated with presenting from home. Altogether the program offers more than 35 indispensable tips on becoming a more effective online presenter.

You’ll come away feeling more prepared, confident and comfortable the next time you have to present virtually, or support someone who does.

Here is a link to download the virtual presentation checklist that Rob mentioned in his presentation.

Presenter / Rob Biesenbach works with leaders who want to be more persuasive and authoritative in everything they do. That means breaking free from Death by PowerPoint, telling their story, and communicating like humans should. Biesenbach is an in-demand professional speaker and workshop leader, an awarding-winning consultant, and a Second City-trained actor. He has been delivering virtual presentations and webinars for nearly a decade and prides himself on his ability to keep remote audiences as energized and engaged as they would be in an in-person setting. Biesenbach’s clients have included AARP, Allstate, Coca-Cola, and Deloitte, among others. He’s also the author of three fun, practical books on the subject of business communication, including his latest, the Amazon bestseller Unleash the Power of Storytelling.

Khyla Flores

Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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