Bringing the Organization to Life with Gamification and Persuasive Technology


Recorded 6 December 2016

The nature of work, business, and the human condition is changing, as game-driven experiences turn boring tasks into addictive experiences​. Forbes says that just as nearly every brand and marketer now employs social media, so too will they use Gamification​ to playfully induce behavior​.​ The​ systemic cultural embrace of gaming​ serves as a touchstone into understanding human motivation, impacting Organizational Communications, Social Change, Brand Relationships, and Talent Development.

​This session showcases ​how game-driven technology is making a difference in enhancing brand voice and improving performance, with examples from top companies:

  • For Business Process: ​W​e will look at how immersive avatar-based environment​s ​develop critical thinking and judgment​ to improve communication and performance in sales, leadership, negotiation, crisis response and diversity.
  • To​ ​Predict Behavior: New game platforms use ​Machine Learning and ​Big Data assessment to provide ​visibility into exact areas of behavior and attitude to help organizations​ ​accelerate initiatives like transformation, optimization, and margin improvement.

Presenter/Jim Wexler, uses​ ​persuasive technology to deepen engagement, predict talent, change behavior and improve performance. President of Experiences Unlimited, a New York based  leader in the area of game-based learning and games that predict talent, he is an​ ​original pioneer of games for business, he created first-ever game-based campaigns for General Mills, Coca-Cola, and Taco Bell, and he brought the concept of game-based recruiting and learning simulations to Deloitte, MetLife, Goldman Sachs, and Johnson & Johnson.