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How to Increase Employee Engagement – First Step, Ask Employees

Type: Webinars
Topic: Engagement
By Khyla Flores
1 November 2016

More and more research on companies all around the world is finding that they are struggling to engage our modern, 21st century workforce.

With a clear correlation between employee engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue growth, companies need to take the first step by opening a dialogue with their employees.

As business owners and managers we know our number one asset is our people, but how do you keep them engaged? Crafting the “right” survey to is a critical first step in the process of driving a more engaged workforce.

In this webinar you will learn about setting objectives for an employee engagement survey as well as how to create one, launch it, implement it, communicate the results and keep the momentum going.

Presenter/Doug Hohener creates marketing strategies with his own brand of research-based creativity, constantly driven by what he calls an “obsession” with knowing audiences and what they truly value. As president of Creative Works Marketing, Hohener has created a 5-step Marketing Process, which takes companies on a journey that connects them with their unique brand story and then helps them make a purposeful and lasting mark on the audiences they serve. This has helped him build brands that are rooted in one of the fundamentals of marketing: knowing your audience. As the recipient of over 16 international awards for digital solutions, strategy, research and branding, Doug’s depth of experience is unrivaled.


Khyla Flores Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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