When PR Persuasion Meets Return on Investment: The power of PROI


pr-roi750-420The public relations (PR) industry is often associated with crisis management, “spin,” and fluff media campaigns designed to inject soft stories into the news ecosystem.

But in the business world, PR sits at a more interesting point at the intersection of digital media and marketing. Yet even industry leaders seem to be unsure about what the future of the PR sector looks like: In a recent global Holmes Report survey, only 27 percent of agency leaders believe that the term “public relations” will clearly and adequately describe their work by 2020.

For years, many PR professionals have clamored for a PR-focused return on investment metric—a PROI, so to speak. Today, with spending on PR information and software reaching US$2.9 billion in 2015—a 5.5 percent increase over 2014—the communication industry is on the cusp of a shift in PR’s ability to prove its impact on the bottom line.

Key to that shift is media monitoring and media measurement. With the right tools, media intelligence data can be a high-value tool for business intelligence and long-term decision making. For the PR industry to grow and thrive in the long term, the time has come for tools that maximize “PROI” to help public relations prove its value.

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One Response to “When PR Persuasion Meets Return on Investment: The power of PROI”

  1. Vassilis Antonopoulos

    Definitely right! I believe that the next generation of media monitoring tools should act as #BI assistants throughout an organization. They should be smoothly integrated to internal workflows, so that it’s easy for everyone to get answers and insights for the questions she asks. Without ever need to learn how to use these tools. This shift will advance the role of PR professionals in strategy and decision making and will help PR expose and prove its value.