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Why success in digital marketing requires play

Stephenie Rodriguez

Each year brings a new suite of digital channels for reaching your audience. With change constantly happening, how can you keep up?

According to Stephenie Rodriguez, CEO of digital marketing firm Mighty Media Group, it’s quite simple: play. In a recent interview with CW Radio, she tells us that the only way to understand where your audiences are and how they interact on social networks and with mobile apps is to dive in and test everything along with them. And this applies to every channel. Yes, even Tinder.

Play with everything…even if your audience isn’t there

Even if your audience isn’t on a certain channel, or it doesn’t make sense for you to be part of it, Rodriguez recommends testing it anyway to understand the common features and how users interact with them (for example, understanding the swipe left or right mentality of Tinder).

“Understanding the way people are using technology and playing with it allows us to then create our own applications, our own use cases, because we are seeing and experiencing how the end users are using mobile devices and interacting with content,” she shares.

This is especially true for video live streaming apps (Periscope, Meerkat, etc.) and wearable technology that not only provide new opportunities for how we can communicate with stakeholders, but also the senses that we can engage, Rodriguez tells us.

“Be adventurous. Have a little bit of fun. We can’t break these things.”

“If you think about where we are going, it’s not a question of why should we use it or will we use it—we are already seeing that early adopters are actually there—but being able to offer a more engaged insight into what we are trying to communicate.”

If you are still fearful about making the plunge, she shares these words of advice: “Be adventurous. Have a little bit of fun. We can’t break these things.”

Listen to the complete interview below to hear more, including Rodriguez’s tips on creating buyer personas and the three digital marketing game changers we’ll see in the next five years.

Caroline Cornell

Caroline Cornell is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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