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Year of the Farmer: Dow Agro-Sciences Sponsorship of the Indiana State Fair

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Community and Customer Relations
By Heidi Spahn
29 September 2016

gq-logoWhere does food come from? There is a communication gap between consumers and the farm community today. Many Americans take abundant, affordable food for granted, yet at the same time question how food is produced, its nutritional value and the reliability of regulatory protection. Farmers, now fewer than two percent of our population, are puzzled by those who lack understanding of what it takes to produce our food, fiber and biofuels. People driving past a beautiful field on a sunny day may romanticize farming of days gone by, but that image is in sharp contrast to the reality of modern agriculture.

Today’s innovative farmer is embracing new technologies and farm management practices to make it possible to produce more food on fewer acres and in a more sustainable manner for generations to come. Misperceptions about farming can lead to public policy constraints that limit options or markets for farmers and the businesses that serve them, raising costs while providing consumers little or no real benefit. The reality is that agriculture and the technology supporting it has a great story to tell. It needs to be told. Dow AgroSciences is a science-based global leader creating seed, plant biotechnology and crop protection tools that help farmers increase food production and quality. The United Nations projects a global population of 9 billion by 2050. Meeting future food needs requires advancing agricultural technology. Moving forward, rather than stagnating or even going backward, necessitates greater public understanding of the facts regarding modern agriculture. Farmers need the freedom and predictable regulatory structures to improve their operations and productivity.

Dow AgroSciences’ core constituencies are its employees, farmer customers and community leaders. Although global in reach, Dow AgroSciences is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and proud to call the Hoosier State home. As a means to educate the public and to recognize the farmers it serves, Dow AgroSciences determined that a “Year of the Farmer” sponsorship at the 2015 Indiana State Fair would serve as a powerful venue to reach important audiences. The State Fair venue had always had appeal, yet this was the first time in its 25-year history that the company stepped forward in a major way.



Heidi Spahn

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