Your New Global Marketing Campaign: The next viral sensation or latest joke meme?

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Topic: Marketing and Branding
By Juliet Bourke and Adrian Letilovic
8 August 2018

Global organizations face significant challenges in developing marketing and communication campaigns that are globally consistent and yet also able to resonate locally. Failing to consider diverse audiences in developing campaigns has resulted in some spectacular fails over the years. But further to the potential embarrassment of running an insensitive or inaccurate advertisement, are businesses missing out by failing to reflect the needs and views of their increasingly global and diverse customers in their marketing and communication activities?

We’re surrounded by customer marketing all day, every day

From the moment we open our eyes and turn off the alarm, we consume information. We check our phones and social media and invariably come across a plethora of advertising, sponsored content and advertorials. We head to work and encounter a new set: billboards, pamphlets handed out in the street—even advertising on the cup of the coffee we purchased. And when we return home to collapse in front of the TV, we engage in a whole lot more.

Media, housing, transport, food, household goods, healthcare, clothes, banking, insurance—there are literally billions of customer interactions occurring around the world each day. And almost all of these represent a customer’s choice, with organizations vying for a share of the customer wallet.

The response? “Customer-centricity” has become the new mantra. More than a fresh look at branding and product design, chief marketing officers are homing in on the “customer experience.” Raising important questions for organizations like: Is it clear what the brand stands for? Do the services and products match the brand’s promise for customers? And, is the customer experience creating advocates or detractors?

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Juliet Bourke and Adrian Letilovic

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