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Effective business communicators matter

An organization that supports their communication professionals elevates the standard of professional communication within their organization and benefits from improved organizational communication e­ffectiveness—which impacts key strategic initiatives and drives business results.

Impact of Business CommunicationDid you know?

  • Improvement in communication effectiveness is associated with a 29.5% increase in market value, according to research from Willis Towers Watson.
  • United Airlines lost nearly US$1 billion in market capitalization after 2017 customer incident; a poor initial crisis communication response was partially to blame.
  • PR generates lead conversion rates 10 to 50 times that of advertising conversions.
  • Employees who have access to professional development are 15% more engaged in their jobs and perform at consistently high levels.
  • Employees with professional development opportunities have a 34% higher retention rate, according to an IABC member survey.

Effective Business CommunicatorsHow IABC can help your organization

IABC member research shows that the top three needs a communication professional has in order to do their job effectively are:

  • Access to peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing.
  • To keep current with new issues and developments.
  • To learn new skills and acquire knowledge.

With an integrated suite of professional resources, education, and business networking, IABC corporate membership connects your entire communication team to the insights and people that drive business results.

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