IABC Group Membership

IABC Group Membership

IABC Group Memberships are available to organizations with 5+ employees. Group members receive the same benefits as professional members, but receive a 15% discount on international dues. Group members pay chapter and region dues in addition to international dues. 

Existing Group Membership: 

If you are renewing a group membership, please have the primary contact reach out to member_relations@iabc.com. The membership team will assist with your renewal.

New Group Membership:

Each organization will have one primary contact that is responsible for managing the group membership. If you are purchasing a new group membership, please email member_relations@iabc.com to notify IABC that you would like to participate in a group membership. IABC staff will make you the primary contact of your organization which will allow you to Manage Your Group Membership through your IABC profile.  

More information and step-by-step instructionsnon how to manage your group membership are available here

Once all group members have been added to your organization, our Membership Team will contact you with instructions for completing payment. Payment can be completed through your IABC profile or by check or wire.