Membership Types

A New Approach to IABC Membership


The value of IABC membership is this clear: specific benefits, intangible rewards.

Whether you are looking to connect with fellow global communication professionals, access educational resources to further your career, gain distinction through GCCC certification programs or simply stay on top of the latest news in the global communication industry, IABC membership is here for you.

Now, you can get even more from your global IABC Membership. With new options and flexibility when it comes to payments, you can choose the membership that best fits your lifestyle and career goals. Options for IABC global membership are below:

New IABC+ Membership

You’re ready to invest in career and professional development. As an IABC+ member, you have access to all benefits included in the IABC membership, plus an all-access pass to on-demand content in IABC Advance and waived GCCC application fee or recertification fee!

IABC Membership

As a member, you have access to all things IABC, including member-only resources, monthly webinars, content in Catalyst, discounts on registration for the IABC World Conference, IABC's Shared Interest Groups and discounted professional certification through the Global Communication Certification Council.

Group IABC Membership

Invest in your employees' professional development, increase your company's visibility and expand your company's network through IABC group membership. Groups save 15% on membership when purchasing five or more memberships.



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Membership Benefits



IABC Global Membership

IABC Group Membership

  $420 + Chapter and Region Dues $280 + Chapter and Region Dues $238 + Chapter and Region Dues 
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 IABC Advance
Full-Year access to IABC's on-demand education: IABC Advance (live event registration may be subject to additional registration fees)


GCCC Certification Application Fee Waived

Free GCCC Recertification    
IABC Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)
Global communities in which to develop their interests within a specific subject area
Member-only resources
Member-only resources including Gold Quill Award-winning case studies, white papers, e-books and more
Monthly webinars & classes
Monthly free-to-member webinars, master classes and an on-demand webinar library
Member-only tools & templates
Access to member-only tools and templates to help you do your work better

Career Centre
Early access to postings on the IABC Career Centre

The Hub
Access to The Hub, IABC's member-only online community.
Leadership opportunities
Opportunity to develop leadership skills by serving on an IABC committee, task force or in chapter leadership.
Network support
A network to support you where you live and work with an IABC chapter. (Local chapters are not available in all areas.)
Access to opportunities for mentorship worldwide
Gold Quill Awards Evaluator
Opportunity to learn how to evaluate against the Global Standard, by serving as a Gold Quill Awards evaluator.
IABC World Conference
Save $500 on IABC World Conference registration

Gold Quill Awards Discount

Save over $100 on submissions to the prestigious IABC Gold Quill Awards

Career Centre
Discount on posting to the IABC Career Centre to attract the best talent to your organization
Professional certification
75% discount on professional certification through the Global Communication Certification Council

Volume Discount
For five or more members

Annual Membership Fee $420 + Chapter and Region Dues $280 + Chapter and Region Dues $238 + Chapter and Region Dues
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