We’ve asked IABC to share their expertise on specific areas of chapter management as a new resource for leaders. Check out each video below for ideas on a variety of topics for new ideas that can be applied to your chapter!

Revitalizing struggling chapters
Jo Ann Johnston, IABC London shares her tips on how to rebuild a struggling chapter.

Fiduciary Duties and chapter finance responsibilities
Ginger Homan, ABC, IEB Vice Chair discusses chapter finance responsibilities and budgeting.

Integrating the CMAs into your chapter
Kaleigh Maclaren shares tips from IABC Ottawa on how to successfully integrate the CMAs into your chapter and how it can tie into your strategy planning.

Certification for chapters
Angela Anderson Blunt from IABC Calgary discusses the importance of certification and how and why your chapter should host an exam.

Volunteer engagement
Lachandra Baker from IABC Columbus shares tips on volunteer engagement and showing appreciation to your board members.

Using region leaders as a key chapter resource
Past Chair of the Canada West Region, Jennifer Wah, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow, discusses how IABC regions support chapters.