Membership Payment Plan

IABC gives members the option of paying their membership dues in four equal monthly payments. Please be sure to note the following guidelines if you are interested in participating:

  • The program is open only to professional members who pay full dues annually. Not eligible are student, student transition, 500 Club, retired, or corporate members.
  • Members will be charged the four equal monthly installments in the first four months of the membership.
  • This program is available through online join and renew only. The option to pay in four installments will appear automatically as part of the usual online process when you join or renew.
  • Only credit card payments are eligible. The credit card must have an expiration date that is after the date when the last payment (fourth installment) will be charged.
  • Charges will be made in US dollars. Canadian members are welcome to participate; they will be charged the US dollar rate. (The member’s credit card company will convert back to Canadian dollars at its own exchange rate.)
  • IABC will charge an administrative fee of $5 per payment ($20 total).
  • If a credit card is declined during any of the four installments, the following procedure will take place: IABC will try to charge the card again after five days. If it is declined again, the membership will be cancelled. IABC will attempt to contact the member by email or phone with the information we have in the member database. If there is no resolution after these attempts, it will be the member’s responsibility to pay the remainder due in full in order to reinstate the membership.