Chapters & Regions

The heart of the association

IABC has nearly 100 chapters around the world, making chapters the heart and soul of the association. Chapters deliver member value by creating opportunities for communication professionals to develop a network of connections that can help guide you through your most pressing challenges. Through workshops, conferences, and additional professional development programs, chapters provide communication professionals with access to local thought leaders, case studies and best practices, and resources that provide insight and solutions for the issues facing business communicators today. Chapters create opportunities for members to tap into local communication experts and get the insight that they need to drive business results and grow their career.

Each chapter is a part of one of IABC’s eight regions. Regions offer additional member value through conferences, webinars, and opportunities to expand leadership experience. Visit a chapter’s or region’s website to learn more about their local offerings.

For information about student chapters, or if you are interested in starting a new professional chapter, please contact leader_centre@iabc.com.